Vital Point Corporation looks forward to caring for you and your family. Has anyone referred you to home health care?

Most of the people served by Vital Point Corporation are referred to us by physicians, hospitals, public health clinics, and private or public welfare agencies. You may call also call us directly to inquire about services.

Vital Point Corporation Home Healthcare will in turn make an initial assessment visit in order to determine eligibility and need for services. The patient will not be treated without first obtaining the physician’s approval for the necessary types of procedure. The agency will act without delay on the verbal order of a physician for care or treatment.

We are able to offer assistance at any level of care including:

How can Vital Point Corporation help patients and their families?

The staff may be of assistance in a number of ways:

  1. Vital Signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respirations) and observations of a professional nurse are reported to the physician.
  2. Helping the patient and their family to understand and follow physician’s orders regarding nutrition, special diets, medications, and general nursing care.
  3. Assisting with home management of catheters and feeding tubes.
  4. Giving injections ordered by the physician and teaching patients and family the proper techniques for doing so.
  5. Teaching patients how to use a wheelchair, walker, crutches or cane.
  6. Helping patients restore strength and independence through physical therapy exercises.
  7. Teaching the diabetic patient how to manage his or her diet, insulin, and other health related measures.
  8. Teaching the patient with an ostomy how to resume a full, active life.
  9. Assisting patients with bathing and personal grooming.
  10. Assisting patients in the proper use of oxygen and respiratory equipment in the house.

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